Don't know what I want, but I know how to get it.

special, originally uploaded by tsokolove.

Drew Lachey may have joined that cast of RENT, there's a Quiznos Subs where Coney Island High used to be, and you're more likely to find an herb garden than wacky weed in Thompson Square Park these days, but gosh darn it, I still like me some East Village!!

Craig (my boyfriend photographed looking "special" here) and I were host to friends from DC this weekend, doing our traditional walk all over the place, while occasionally stopping at record and comic shops.

Trailing at least a good fifteen miles from one end of Manhattan to the other we ended up on 1st Ave only to find the sushi place we came to eat lunch at had been closed. So, heading to plan B (which was pretty much a plan put in place moments after plan 'A' crapped out) we walked over to Avenue A sushi only to find that was closed too! What the hell does a guy have to do to get a little raw fish on a Saturday afternoon in the East Village?

Apparently, it's a Sabbath thing, 'cause there wasn't a single sushi restaurant open for business in the entire East Village in the afternoon. Thank god for Yaffa Cafe, albiet no sushi there.

And thank god for St. Marks Place. Ain't no Democracy Plazas springing up there any time soon. Maybe Anarchy Plaza. How great would that be?