Gotham City of Stars

I've been trying to figure out where I've heard the opening of the La La Land tune City of Stars before.

Not to ruin your Oscar weekend, but...

La La Land - the video game

Just when you thought La La Land couldn't get any more annoying, here's the 8-Bit Cinema video game edition...

a bit more of the old IN and OUT

IN                                                         OUT

Grey                                                    Black

Janelle Monae                                               Beyoncé

                        "RESIST"                                  "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN"

KenKen                                                    Sudoku

Butter                                                    Bacon

Cash                                                  PayPal

$200 Chromebook                              $1000 iPad Pro

FilmStruck                                            SeeSo

Dungeons & Dragons                          Game of Thrones

James Baldwin                                     Ta-Nehisi Coates

MET Opera                                     Terminal 5

Iced Americano                                   Ice Coffee 

Rasputin                                   Hamilton

Chartreuse                                        Bitters

               Snow                                              Snapchat      

President Donald Trump
The Simple Child

Trump, the Simple Child, answers your Passover questions:
Why is this night different from all other nights? Let me tell you. It's a very special night, you know. Very special. We may be eating flat bread, which I gotta tell you is a little bland, but I'll be able to do something about that. Where was I. Oh, right, you know there was no way that Pharaoh was going to let your people go. No way. But you know what he did. He let them go. We are going to do that sort of thing to, you know. We are going to let our people go and make America great again. So many people. Many of them happen to be Jews. Jews that voted for me, some of which are at this seder table right now. I think a lot of Jews want to see a change. And speaking of change, Melania sitting over there on the orthopedic cushion would like to replace this roasted egg with a more permanent faberge egg you can enjoy for Passovers to come. Okay? Thank you.

Now Ranting on ScreenRant

Since starting this blog way back in 2004, I've grown to love writing a little more with each passing year.

It has been an honor to share my life with, at least a hundred people through the years.  And I have the incredible 21¢ from Google Analytics to prove it.

Of course, my real fifteen minutes of fame has come from a side-gig over at the incomparably cool Forces of Geek, where I've had the pleasure of sharing movie reviews, nostalgia trips and now a new podcast about sequels, remakes and reboots called Oh No They Didn't.

If there's one thing that my recent professional full-time job seeker gig has generated, it's a desire to be a lot more creative on a daily basis.  I've probably started more side projects during the past few months than I can keep track of.

But now I'm being paid to write about the biz, and I'm enjoying the structure a lot.

You can now read my work over at ScreenRant here. I'm on their News beat for starters, but hopefully I'll be able to get some interviews and reviews up in due time.

You'll continue to find Beware of the Blog a great place for my occasional personal rants, shares of ephemeral knowledge and incredibly well structured Haikus.

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On this episode of Forces of Geek presents OH NO THEY DIDN'T! we're going back to two of the worst sequels ever made:

Exorcist II: The Heretic and Mannequin on the Move

 Was Hollywood possessed by Pazuzu?

 Give us your best cheek bones and let the power of crap compel you.

 It's the first of what we're sure will be many WORST SEQUELS EVER episodes.

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Donald Trump's LinkedIn Profile SUCKS

Here in America, we used to value not only our electoral process, but the resumes of past Presidential elects.

So if you're just joining us, our new President had never been elected to a public office prior, nor has he served in and/or ranked in our military.

In other fun facts, his Cabinet will be the first without a Hispanic member since 1988. There is also a smaller percentage of women and nonwhites than the first cabinets of Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and George Bush.

This marks the first President since Truman without a Pet in the White House (though his VP was ironically named Barkley).

Oh, and Donald Trump will be the first President of the United States in 25 years to not have a graduate degree of any kind.

His LinkedIn profile also sucks, so don't get me started. Very, very bad. No endorsements. Should be ashamed.

ROGUE ONE: A Star Wars Story
OH NO THEY DIDN'T! podcast

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...


We're talking about the prequel to Episode IV, or the sequel to Episode III, depending on your generation's affinity for the STAR WARS saga. Also, we discuss the trailers for THE MUMMY reboot, the BLADE RUNNER sequel, and the latest casting updates for the MARY POPPINS thingy.

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The Best Songs of 2016

What a great year for music.

As downbeat as the year was, I gravitated towards more upbeat music.    That said, there are plenty of ironic, contrasting lyrics.

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WESTWORLD - Oh No They Didn't podcast

Description Sexy robots, programmed for your pleasure have taken over this episode of OH NO THEY DIDN'T! 

We're talking Westworld (the 1973 version, the 1976 sequel, the 1980s television series, and the 2016 HBO series) on the latest episode of the podcast. 

Also, we discuss upcoming planned remakes of DUNE, FREAKY FRIDAY, and BEACHES, as well as the sequels to PACIFIC RIM, WEDDING CRASHERS and THE DARK CRYSTAL. 

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the last ten films I've seen

DREAMSCAPE (Joseph Ruben, 1984)
THE CONJURING 2 (James Wan, 2016)
SALEM'S LOT (Tobe Hooper, 1979)
HALLOWEEN (John Carpenter, 1978)
WIZARD MODE (Nathan Drillot & Jeff Petry, 2016)
INFERNO (Ron Howard, 2016)
LOVE & FRIENDSHIP (Whit Stillman, 2016)
MOANA (John Musker & Ron Clements, 2016)
M (Fritz Lang, 1931)

Are You Celebrating?

• for those who voted because you're republican • 
Are you celebrating a victory for your party, despite your loss of dignity in how you got it?

• for those who voted for "anyone but her" • 
 Are you still standing by your decision to throw away your vote, on a third party candidate that you “trusted” or “liked” more?

• for those who voted in the face of your people • 
Do you think your vote for him makes you a conservative Jew, African-American, Latino, Hispanic, or Muslim?

• for those who didn't vote with your vagina • 
Do you feel safer as a woman with a white male leader that devalues your equality?

• for those who think america isn't as great as it was before • 
How do you think we're viewed in the eyes of other nations today?

• for those who believe marriage is between a man and a woman •
 How do you justify your superiority to gay friends, family and colleagues?

The Story and Sounds of

This is the most formative album of my youth.  I think I played it so many times that it turned as white as a ghost.

I didn't even mind that the main dude sounded like Richie from Happy Days.

Behind the scenes of HALLOWEEN

Check out today's (DAY 20) post on EVERYDAY IS HALLOWEEN, my October side project.

Some great behind the scenes photos from the 1978 classic John Carpenter film.

Just click on Michael Myers (Nick Castle) taking a Dr. Pepper break...

the last ten films I've seen...

WESTWORLD (Dir. Michael Crichton, 1973)
NOSFERATU (Dir. F. W. Murnau, 1922)
GOAT (Dir. Andrew Neel, 2016)
BLAIR WITCH (Dir. Adam Wingard, 2016)
I, DANIEL BLAKE (Dir. Ken Loach, 2016)
MOONLIGHT (Dir. Barry Jenkins, 2016)
GIMMIE DANGER (Dir. Jim Jarmusch, 2016)
HELL OR HIGH WATER (Dir. David Mackenzie, 2016)
THE BIRTH OF A NATION (Dir. Nate Parker, 2016)

starts today...

Check out my new side project over at EVERYDAY IS HALLOWEEN.

It's a celebration of all things great about John Carpenter's classic horror film.  Thoughts, observations and trivia daily.

a STRANGER THINGS shirt, made by me...

As you know,  I LOVE, LOVE. LOVE Stranger Things.

And I love Barb more than anything on the show.

And you know what?

Barb's not dead.

No way.


Spread the word with this awesome shirt, seen here modeled by Will from Casserole of Disaster (which is a website you need to bookmark, by the way).  You can follow him also on Twitter at the incredible handle @VeggieMacabre 


not all that bad

It took me a while, but I finally sat through BATMAN v SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE last night.  

My first attempt was cancelled after 15 minutes in.  I couldn't get past the set up, which feels left over from MAN OF STEEL, which you may recall I despised big time.

But, once the story kicks in and the conflicts are built, it actually becomes pretty entertaining (albeit long, and long-winded).  

Here are some thoughts...

The Good
  • Better plotting and pacing than MAN OF STEEL

  • Way better character design and loved the use of Martha-moms coincidence to connect Batman emotionally to Superman during the battle that becomes a team up.

  • The “can we trust” Superman backlash of the public being generated by media, scandal, and political bad doings added a relatable touch to the story.

  • A few genuinly beautiful sequences visually, and LOVED Superman catching Lois from falling  - stunningly shot/set-up and emotionally pure Superman.

  • The Ultimate Edition improves the story (according to what I’ve read about the original cut), and the film is justly R rated as it should be.

The Bad
  • Lex Luthor: Jesse Eisenberg overdoes his performance, and the character is so insane and annoying that it leaves no room for the things that make Lex a powerful villain in the Superman canon.  His Lex Luthor bothers me more than how much Superman was changed in MAN OF STEEL.

  • So many plot holes and ultimately ridiculous situations, dialogue, and in some cases relationship of characters to geographic location (how does Lois just walk over to the dead Superman at the end, where are they even, where’s everyone else?).

  • EVERYTHING about Doomsday.  Its look, its changed backstory, its motivation, AND I’m pretty sure that it turns into “Nuclear Man” at the climax, as a this-shouldn’t-ever-happen tribute to Superman IV.

  • The excessive use of cameos of real media personalities.  Forced and tired.

  • The introduction of Aquaman and Cyborg (and technically Wonder Woman) on the Bat Computer was a lame device used in music videos for songs from movie soundtracks when the band can’t figure out how to get clips from the movie into their music video.

  • And this, most of all, this...

The world has been so caught up with what Superman can do that no one has asked what he should do. 
 - Senator Finch, Metropolis

Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn't stop to think if they should.
 - Dr. Ian Malcolm, Jurassic Park


You've made it through the portal of the Upside Down and have a message to spread.

Get the limited edition t-shirt  here 


THE WEEK IN Pokémon Go


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Is Pokémon Go's Success Sustainable
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Man Shot At Teens Playing Pokémon Go
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Pokémon Go Causes Mayhem in New York's Central Park
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How to Clear Your Bag For Space

Stay Away From Fake Pokémon Go Apps

• Charge Your Phone With A Real PokéBall!

• How To Handle Those Intimidating Trips To The Gym


So I'm walking back from an interview for an Executive Level job at a major media company when my Pokémon Go starts buzzing (because I'm really a 44 year old kid).

A wild Rapidash, right at my dressy feet

In addition to a Pinsir (CP335) and a Rapidash (CP296) in the nearby vicinity, it turns out my neighborhood synagogue (The Actor's Temple on 47th street) is also a Pokémon Gym.

I quickly enter, begin the battle, and for the first time, this chosen one was the victor, taking the formerly Victor status for team Mystic.  In other words, I went Nintendo equivalent of Judah Maccabee.

So there I am in my moment of glory when this manic early-twenties girl comes up to me franticly.  "Are you playing Pokémon right now?  Somebody just took my gym and now I'm afraid to leave here."

Go for God, stay for the Pikachu.

I explained I was pretty new to the game, and actually got some good tips from her after she realized I had only beaten one of the lower levels.

"You know that's my Temple actually," I explained.  "We should charge money during the afternoon and give people a place to battle Pokémon inside."

"That's a really Jewish thing to say," she quickly pointed out.


We answered the call, so you don't have to.

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the week in
POKEMON GO news...

It seems every day there's another news blurb about Nintendo's massive breakout POKEMON GO. Here's your weekly recap of some of the best from 7/9 to 7/15...

Pokemon Go leads teen to dead body 
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The Strangest Places Fans of Pokemon Go Have Tried To Catch Them All
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Someone Inside The White House Loves To Play 'Pokemon Go' Too 
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Robbers used 'Pokemon Go' to lure their victims 
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Cultural phenomenon Pokémon Go gets introverts outside 
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Pokémon Go is doing what few apps can – driving real-world traffic 
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Restaurants Are Using Pokémon Go to Catch Customers 
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Pokemon GO' Powers Nintendo Stock to 25 Percent Growth 
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'Pokémon Go' Chasers in China Hit Brick Wall 
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Pokémon Go becomes global craze as game overtakes Twitter 
- The Guardian

Pokemon GO App Users: Law Enforcement Urges Caution 

Auschwitz Museum says no to "Pokemon Go" 
- CBS News

Pokemon Go exposes cheating boyfriend 
- The Week UK

Man robbed while playing 'Pokemon Go' 
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2016 Pokemon Go Is Partnering With McDonald's 
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'Pokemon Go' players arrested at Ohio zoo 
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Two Pokemon GO players fall off cliff while trying to catch 'em all 
- Mirror

All around the world, authorities are worrying about Pokemon Go
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T-Mobile offering a year of free mobile data for Pokemon Go 
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Daughter hit by car while playing 'Pokemon Go' 


 How To Train And Evolve Your Pokemon In 'Pokemon GO'

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