Gobble Gobble Meow

thorlick, originally uploaded by tsokolove.

I've been thinking a lot about humans and their strange Thanksgiving traditions. Here's the cat take on this holiday:

- Turkey is much easier to eat in 3oz. cans with snap tops. I recommend the Iams. You even get the round/ribbed effect you humans like on your cranberrys for this holiday.

- Saying what you're thankful for is pointless any day of the week. Take it from a cat who knows how to truely thank their human: vomit all over the floor about two minutes after meal consumption.

- Humans need a full meal and football as an excuse for napping. Nap whenever you like, is what I say.

- I'm thankful that most people have forgot about "Catwomen" withe Halle Berry by now. Although there is the video release and pay-per-view. Damn you, humans!