Strange Old Men...

Okay, I admit that I'm a bit of a film geek and went to nearly every Godzilla screening at this summer's Film Forum Japanese Monster marathon, but I'd like to point something out.

I am not, nor do I plan to be, one of those strange old men that hang out at repertory film theatres. If you've been to one, you know what I'm a talkin' 'bout. There seems to always be this one strange old man, sometimes in suspenders, always in big glasses and oversized jackets, at one of these theatres.

I recently went to the Walter Reed Theatre at Lincoln Center and it occoured to me that the same dude from the Rock Around the Clock festival was the same dude sitting alone now at the Halloween screening of Halloween. Now, I'd understand if this were one guy that you see at a few theatres around town, but let me be clear on this. It's different strange old men scattered throughout the many choices of classic movie screenings, be it Anthology Film or Midnight at Sunshine Cinemas. Hell, I've even seen some of them at Hedda Lettice's Chelsea Thursday Classic screenings of camp favorites like "Mommie Dearest."

I don't have much of a point about the strange old men, just that I want to be perfectly clear that I do not plan to be one of them.

- Todd