Bam Thwok!

pixie1, originally uploaded by tsokolove.

Just got back from the concert 13 years in the waiting - Pixies live at Hammerstein Ballroom. In a word, wow! Amazing set, Kim and Charles still have their voices, and they played "U Mass" in a moment of true magic. Aside from a sudden mosh pit that developed about two seconds into "Isla de Encanta" at which point Craig went white as a ghost and stated "I'm freakin out," it was a relatively peaceful show and everyone was a fan. You could feel the love big time.

Okay, now here's the only sucky part, and I do mean SUCKY. There's this new band that opened for them called "le tigre." OMG do they blow major monkey chunks o' crap. They are to New Wave as Blink 182 is to Punk. Two girls and a guy (I think it was a guy, not sure) screaming pseudo-political lyrics over preprogrammed drum-machine heavy tracks. To top it all off they do this weird ass powerpoint presentation that incorporates that 80s "retro" look that frankly I am getting FUCKING SICK OF (i.e. "Napoleon Dynamite," every Urban Outfitters store you walk into). Not that it makes me feel old, cause it does that by default, but the whole 80s are cool again shit is really pathetic on this new generation embracing it. As we used to say, gag me with a spoon. Anyway, I liked the band better the first time when it was called the B-52s.

Death to Le Tigre!