Foiled by Couric...

couric, originally uploaded by tsokolove.

While most Americans this winter sit in the comfort of their homes while Katie Couric freezes her ass off outside the Today studios in Rock Center, I look forward to being in Katie's shoes.

Let me explain.

I live about four blocks West of the studios on 49th street and, for me, watching the Today show's morning report from outside isn't just a passive 'so that's what New York's like today.' It's the actual factual live image of what the weather really is outside my door.

So when Katie, bundled up in at least 5 layers of coats and a hat that would make a Russian woodsman jealous, claimed (and made it look like) it was FREEZING cold this morning, I took it to heart, bundled up more myself, and headed out... only to find it NOT that cold, and actually pretty sunny.

Katie you've deceived me for the last time. You are no longer my barometer.