It's Evolution Baby!

So the latest "Creationist" move to protect their children from the evil of Science is to have numerous IMAX documentaries that touch on the issue of evolution removed by science museums.

After receiving complaints from members of the audience during such IMAX classics as "Galapagos," one
director at the Fort Worth Museum of Science promptly removed the film from its lineup.

According to the Times this weekend, such decisions to bar screenings of the film are apt to affect the content of IMAX documentaries in the future!

Just a thought, but here's a fool-proof plan to appease these wack-a-do pushers of Intelligent Design.

Upon entering the IMAX theatre, patrons will be fitted with this very special helmet that connects ever so slightly to the eyes...


This will allow the viewer to forcefully view the upcoming IMAX productions "Evolution is our Friend" and "Darwin, Dig Him."

It's the perfect blend of science, technology, and film. Just add popcorn.