Knee-Jerk reaction to Project Greenlight...

Many years ago I had the pleasure of interning for Miramax Films (pre-Disney, post-Sex, Lies, Videotape).

Long story short, I worked in Harvey's office, did go-for jobs for his assistants, and it was all hush-hush because they were told no interns that summer could be hired.

When Harvey found out I was there (by literally running into me in the hallway) he offered one word of friendly advice - LEAVE!

Living up to pretty much every story you have ever heard about the guy, Harvey was a scary, scary man. I shit a brick right there and then, but calmly walked away and listened in the distance to the sounds of assistants being fired and beat (not necessarily in that order).

So, I have this advice for you Harv, with your Entertainment Weekly cover story, your cursed Dimension flop "Cursed," your non-winning Aviator-ass best picture entry, and last night's timely episode of Project Greenlight (or How We Learned To Stop Worrying About The Films And Love Crap).


Leave the Entertainment industry completely. Leave Disney (sooner rather than later). Leave the girlfriend and go back to the wife and kids. Leave the marketing to the marketers and the filmmaking to the filmmakers. It's over now. Go.