greetings from florida

Note: I am blogging this post from my Blackberry while on vacation in Boynton Beach, Florida visiting my Grandparents. Any strange spellinnggs orr pu'nktuations are the fault of this device.

Set the way back machine for 1990. So it's my Freshman year and my Grandparents decide to send me a huge care package of goodies. What I find upon opening it is a box filled with every food item I've noticed in their pantry since I've been alive. This became further true as the Cheese-Its were a bizzare dark orange and tasted like fungus. Moving on to other items I notice the toothpaste's label claiming NOW WITH FLUORIDE!

Point is, for quite some time the concept of expiration dates has been completely lost on my dear grandfolks.

So here I am in Florida visiting them and I am on full alert. A quick glance over the medicine cabinet shows Advil leaving us in 03 (not too too bad), but the Pepto back in 97.

My spidey senses are on full blast when Grandma almost puts Chunky Blue Cheese dressing on my salad that expired in August of 01! Chunky indeed. You could stop the clap with that.

I shall be doing a good service in cognito later this weekend as I tiptoe to the market to buy replacement products and slip them in unknowen to my gfloks.

As proud of the fact they are still with us today, I wouldn't be able to deal with the irony of sickness from a Cheese-It cracker.