le big mac de Cannes

I studied French in High School for 4 years because being a Film Geek I figured I'd someday make it to Cannes, God-willing.

Flash forward to my 8th trip to Cannes and, in what has to be one of God's greatest "I told you so" moments in my life, I still can hardly utter un peu de francais before I clam up and go no further with the French. Needless to say I should have paid more attention in class.

Even at McDonalds (western influence in France-i'm lovin it) today I ordered the obligitory half English menu item, le royale with cheese. Not "avec frommage" mind you, but with cheese.

I have no shame. It saved Travolta's career and it's good for me too.

Perhaps tomorrow I will work up the courage to ask for more ice in the hotel. Des Gla|cons for those keeping track.

Merci, au revoir.