look out! falling wildlife...

Posted by: tsoko
look out! falling wildlife...
Amazingly, NY1 aired this commercial/PSA this morning from Wal-Mart about their new Acres for America program.

In a pact that could only be described as Faustian, Wal-Mart has joined forces with the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to conserve critical wildlife habitats for future generations.

The commerical is fantastic as it recycles bad stock footage of deer, bald eagles, beavers, chipmunks, etc over pointless copy about this new program.

I'm not taking a stance on hunting here, but this is so freaking ironic as Wal-Mart is America’s biggest gun-seller.

Just saying, you flash the Wal-Mart logo with footage of wildlife, and you get a hunter with a woodie, not a bleeding heart.