Mom, I swear they exist...

Driving back from buying a Darth Tater for my nephew and a whole bunch of Sith figures for me, I realized that this would be THE last time I get action figures for a new Star Wars movie. That's really when it hit me that this is the last of the films. Part of the fun since '77 was going to the store to buy the new ones, or in the case of the early years, begging your parents for every single last one of the Kenner Toys.

My favorite action figure memory though - having to prove to my mom that half of these characters existed in the first place.

"They weren't even in the film!" My mom would declare of this Lucas-based conspiracy.

"MOM! They were! Here's a photo of him/her/it on the box, for crying out loud!" I would scream.

Oh, sure Mom knew plenty of Han Solo or Darth Vader, but, really, how to you explain these ones. They're in the movies for about three seconds: