save the date...

It's a little known fact that Nomi Malone from Showgirls was actually based on my formative years. Although Joe changed most of the facts for the benifit of the movie's plot, Nomi and I have a lot in common...

* We both LOVE cheeseburgers.

* We are both dancers, not whores.

* We both have no idea how to pronounce Versace.

* We're both from "different places!"

* We both can touch you, but you can't touch us.

In celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the classic film, and my 33rd (yikes) birthday, please join me and my bitches for a special chance to see

Thursday, June 23, 2005 at the World Famous Chelsea Cinemas. Get your tickets at least a week before the date by clicking HERE.

The fun starts at 7pm sharp, CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS.

Closer to the event will be a EVITE with more details about where the party will continue, but for now, save the date. The show is about to begin.