this could be heaven...

Lots of people think that just cause I work in the entertainment biz that I am enamored by celebrities.

This isn't true. Anyone that knows me knows that I am obsessed with 'B' grade celebrities only.

So last Friday, I was pretty much in my own personal heaven sitting in row F of Radio City Music Hall attending the Daytime Emmy Awards.

Darting my way through the red carpet was like a sea of celebrity kitsch. Jack Wagner held up the line to do a quick rendition of 'All I Need,' for Soap Net, while Susan Luchi posed for photo ops with her adoring fans. I did pretend hundreds of people were shouting my name, so when in Rome - wave.

Freakiest yet, was the realization that my seat was two rows behind Victoria Gotti, diagonal to Alex Trebek, eight seats behind Martha Stewart, and just next to Stockard Channing. Not to mention the moments when I could have reached out and touched Aretha Franklin, Merv Griffin, and Antonio Sabato, Jr.

Next to drinks with Eric Roberts at the ABC winter press party of 03, this was a night to end all nights.