off the cuff...

I've been dying to tell the tale of my cufflink mishap from last weekend, but now it can be told with photos thanks to Tee Earls from Nonantum (thanks Tee).

So, my parents got me this really nice French cuffed dress shirt from Kenneth Cole with matching cufflinks. Thinking it would be great for the weddlng last weekend in Cleveland, I packed it, but left the cufflinks in New York.

My 8:45pm panic/discovery once arriving in Ohio sent me running for the KMart across the street from the hotel, with hopeful thoughts

that I may find something like...

only to find a whole lot of

, , and

Going into boy-scout-mode, I hit the hardware section and come up with what I call K-Mart cufflinks. The come in boxes of 100 for a little less than a dollar.

K-Mart hasn't provided this much fashion statement to me since that Martha Stewart oven mitt.