don't believe the hype...

New from Aquafina (which in layman's terms is Uncarbonated Pepsi Water) is their water product FlavorSplash.

The disturbing FlavorSplash ads exclaim "there's something in the water - favor!"

I've had the Citrus FlavorSplash and I can tell you first hand that there is something in the water - Splenda. Not much flavor, but plenty of that Splenda taste, yuck.

On a more related note, I found myself impulse-buying the new exfoliating scrub from got2b called BUFF OFF, which contains carrot, wheat germ, and something they call olive stone (I assume that is the positive way to say olive pitt).

Only now do I realize the subliminal reason behind my purchase as being the two spoonfuls of wheat germ I've been adding to my breakfast in the morning, that carrots are my new binge snack of choice, and I'm a really big Oliver Stone fan.

Talk about your suggestive selling.