yogurt's gonna stop us now...

So Craig and I were waxing poetic about how last night on WPLJ's 80s at 8 radio show some woman called in and said play anything by the Go Gos, 'cause "it reminds her of high school and being young." That instantly depressed us, so we decided tonight to have our own 80s flashback this evening and get some frozen yogurt,

I couldn't have scripted better what happened as we walked into "Yogurt Plus" for our tasty treats.

Picture this:

A fantastic woman in her 40s wearing a hot pink t-shirt, feathered hair circa 1987, dances in place singing along to "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" by Jefferson Starship as she awaits her order.

This was only trumped by the moment I turned to realize Craig was pretty much doing the same crazy sing-along/dance in place. I give up.

FUN FACT - "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" is guilty of one of the great absurdities of modern cinema: an oscar nomination for Mannequin. The academy was not so kind to Mannequin 2: Mannequin on the Move.