boo! no really, BOO

Watching Most Haunted on the Travel Channel this morning has me a little confused.

When did ghost-hunters become such pussies?

This show consists of "paranormal experts" Yvette and Derek locked overnight in various "haunted" houses in Europe, preferably with all the lights off. Yvette clutches the shoulders of Derek, Derek runs his fingers over her breasts for comfort, and the rest must happen in the commercial break.

Anyway, here are my favorite soundbytes from this morning:

- "Did you hear that?!"

- "Did you see that?!"

- "What was that?! Did something move?"

- "The smell just went away!"

- "I have pins and needles going up and down my back."

- "Derek, let's do it in front of these ghosts."

Ok, that last one was made up.