i've seen the future and it will be...

Over the weekend, indie film-fav Steven Soderbergh called the movie business "out of wack."

No stranger to the big-budget glamour of Hollywood with films like Ocean's Eleven and Traffic under his belt, Sonderbergh has always really surprised audiences by his incredible ability to tackle different genres and utilize smaller budgets to their fullest degrees.

In short, he's still one of the most interesting filmmakers working today.

His latest film, Bubble, screened at the New York Film Festival, and it is a masterpiece of direction (none of the cast members were professionally trained actors).

As for rethinking the way movies are seen by audiences, Bubble is the first of a series of films from the director that will be released in theatres, on HDNet Cable, and on DVD in January.

Films that are low in budget, but high in quality (both in script, direction, and the amazing look of HD).

This is the future of film. Let's hope the studios follow this leader.