Who's next, Carl Weathers?

Craig and I were sitting around channel surfing last weekend and got stuck on the 5,672nd cable broadcast of Predator.

I had totally forgotten that the artist formerly known as Jesse "The Body" Ventura was in it. Craig pointed out how two of these turkeys were now publicly elected government officials.

Schwarzenegger was recently quoted as saying, "I have the utmost respect for gay people, for gay couples....In this particular case (gay marriage), I'm the governor and I've got to protect the people of California and I've got to protect the people of California's right that if they vote there should be no other power that should change it other than the courts...."

Not sure what the hell that means. "Protect the people of California" from what exactly? Too much fabulous? Another Hamburger Marys restaurant from opening?

Arnold should stick to the short sentences. Remember how much more effective he was when shouting "get to the chopper" or "it's not a tumor?!"