a million little book reading sheep...

For the past two weeks I've noticed way too many people reading or carrying the book A Million Little Pieces, an autobiographical account of addition by "author" James Frey that I read about two years ago and hated back then.

So, about the fifth time in one day that I see someone with the book, it turns out to be a coworker who claims she can't get enough of the book. To each their own, so I just mentioned I had read it a couple years back I asked her why I'm suddenly seeing everyone and their mother with this stale piece of Pseudo-Burroughs.

The answer, to my shock, is that it's the new selection of the Oprah Book Club!

Now, I'll hand it to Oprah for introducing millions of Sam's Club shoppers to some pretty edgy titles, but this one is without a doubt a major jumping of the shark. What's next. Lunar Park?

So, in the interest of increased web-hits and instant fame, it gives me great pleasure to unveil my new logo...