frayed Frey...

So the Smoking Gun website has blown the lid off of James Frey's god-awful "memoir" A Million Little Pieces-- He made up the whole thing!

Wow, guess what? Who gives a flying fuck?

Any gump duped into reading this piece of crap, be it by Oprah or that girl at the Walden Books in the mall, deserves to have the rug pulled out from them on this poor-man's Trainspotting.

One more thing. Everyone is quick with the headlines on Oprah (i.e. Oprah Winfrey's Been Had. or The Man Who Coned Oprah).

When did Oprah become responcible for Frey's little lies? For whatever reason, Oprah saw something in this book (why she would promo this one over Dry is a mystery for the ages).

Is everyone's looking for the next Dan Rather?

Just wait until Tom Cruise comes out. Will they blame Winfrey or the couch Cruise jumped?