oh yeah!

So I come home last night from seeing Silent Hill (an unnecessary film based on a video game) and came across this old ad for Kool-Aid Man: The Video Game (an unnecessary video game based on a powdered drink).

Let me wax lyrical a bit about Kool-Aid.

My brother and I never had Kool-Aid in the house growing up. It was the forbidden artificial fruit flavor.

For years I tried to figure out why. Was it the bag and a half of sugar you added to the one packet and water pitcher? Was it a Kosher thing even though we didn't keep Kosher?

Finally it hit me one day watching Inspector Gadget that it had to do with my dad's fence.

The backyard wooden fence was the pride of our property.

Seeing as how the Kool-Aid man managed to destroy every wall, fence, and building he came crashing through to aid children's thirst, I wasn't getting' no Kool-Aid any time soon.

It didn't help that for some reason the poor kids in school used to suck on plastic bags of Kool-Aid as a snack.

I so wished to be a poor kid without a fence.