run and tell that...

I have my parents in town this weekend, and last night we went to see Hairspray on Broadway, which was great.

I was pretty much obsessed with the original movie back in High School.

Ironically enough, I had won tickets to a preview screening in Detroit of the movie, which my dad took me to. Brilliant on two levels that I got my dad to take me to a John Waters film (albeit his most tame) and that I was so completely blind to how incredibly gay a movie it is.

It may have been 1988, with most kids listening to Milli Vanilli, but as far as I was concerned it was 1962. As a result, I listened to a lot of 60s tunes, learned to dance the Mashed Potato, and rented every John Waters film I could get my hands on.

The future's so flaming bright, I gotta wear shades.