food, folks, and fun...

Last night at dinner with Craig, Alissa and Bryon I heard two of the nastiest stories ever. So, naturally, they were immediately declared as so going on my blog.

I love that part of dinner when everyone's had enough to drink, eaten their meal, and decided that it's just amazingly natural to talk about the stuff of urban legend.

For some reason Bryon was reminded of the time his friend had been invited over to meet the parents of her fiancee, only to make the incredible faux pas of sitting on the family cat. The accident quite literally scared the shit out of the cat, and on to the wall no less. Sounds like Trainspotting meets Meet the Parents.

But, Alissa then segways into the time her friend was getting a Brazilian wax. Apparently, upon lifting her legs back, the girl farts to the surprise of the Asian waxer who exclaims "you make foofy in my face!!"

Ah, but to be a fly on the wall on those stories (except the wall the cat shit on of course).