it ain't the daily planet...

Shame on Tatiana Siegel of The Hollywood Reporter for her bizzaro media attention-getting article yesterday about Superman Returns. Thrown together around quotes from the film's screenwriters, she most likely read the quotes in the press kit and attempted to make a mountain out of a molehill.

According to Tatiana, "the long-standing member of the Justice League of America seems to have traded in his allegiance to the flag for an international passport."

"Is Superman still American?" she has the balls to ask, pointing out the new films "truth, justice, and 'all that other stuff'" line.

Apparently, she's missed the point, and big time.

Superman doesn't need to stand in front of an eagle or put back a missing flag from the White House to prove his patriotism to his adopted country, and audiences are not getting a mixed, anti, or played down Americanism from this film.

On the contrary, Superman is portrayed in quite possibly the purest form of patriotism. His actions are valiant, heroic, justified, and, in this much needed world without a Superman, hopeful.

That's the American way.