Never too soon...

Oliver Stone's surprisingly straightforward World Trade Center is thankfully tactfull.

Despite a fairly deceiving title and all eyes on this first "official" theatrical 9/11 New York City reenactment, this is a film really about two men. Two out of only twenty that made it out of the rubble of the Twin Towers.

By using this particular true story, Stone paints a picture of the positive from that day. How we rose above as New Yorkers and came together to support each other both physically and emotionally.

He has directed this story with a theme that nobody around that day will forget - the total chaos and mixed messages from the authorities, media, and sometimes even our own eyes. The first twenty minutes of the film are chilling. A dead on portrait of how one routine morning in New York became an infinite memory.

With the exception of my hang-up on some minor inaccuracies with the New York settings and the fact that Nicholas Cage will always remind me of Unpainted Huffhines, I highly recommend the film.