of brontosaurus and pluto...

I few years ago I was in the thick of Dinotopian hell when I had just gotten used to caving into calling Brontosaurus (my all time favorite dinosaur) by it's "proper name" Apatosaurus.

Now comes the news from scientists that Pluto ain't a planet no more.

I've always felt a little bad for Pluto. First of all, we never really knew that much about it in the first place. Every model of the solar system I ever turned in had Pluto made out of blue play-doh, and I'm pretty sure I would have still gotten away with any color I wanted.

And poor Interplanet Janet. Who will tell her that Pluto, little Pluto, is no longer the farthest planet from the Sun? Who's gonna tell these kids that their science projects are wrong and they just flunked the 3rd grade?