you always said we'd meet again someday

I've waited twenty years for Duckie to end up with Andie and I really thought the new PRETTY IN PINK EVERYTHING'S DUCKIE EDITION DVD would deliver on that.

Looks like I'm still waiting as this new Paramount DVD is a big, fat Steff of a rip-off.

Don't be fooled by the back of the box claiming "the original ending" as a cool new special feature. What you get is another unnecessary DVD "documentary" in which the cast members (all looking pretty much the same, but older) tell us that originally the ending was that Duckie gets Andie.

Uh, duh. We know that. In fact we knew so bad we even paid money to see the freakin' remake the next year called Some Kind of Wonderful staring Eric Stoltz as Molly Ringwald.