gloria, i think i've got your number...

Last night, Craig and I were treated to an extravagant meal at the newly restored Russian Tea Room (thanks Paul, Ann, and Warner Bros) and we were treated to one of the best New York celeb sightings I've had since riding an elevator with Paul Simon...
No, not Craig.

Look to the left of his ear and you will see reflected in the mirror behind him feminist icon Gloria Steinem.

Apparently there for a holiday gathering of lesbian friends she never slept with, Gloria astonished us by unwrapping traditionalist establishment gifts wrapped in trite red and green mass-produced package sheets only to discover her gift was an unbelievably non-feminine wool cap that could have come from Cabellas.

Gloria tried it on in good humor, and although I missed that photo opp, it will be permanently engraved in my memory.

I think she saw me snap this photo above though.