sweet sixteen...

I've lately felt like the oldest guy at the concert, but tonight was downright ridiculous.

Upon entering the Gramercy Theatre tonight to see Mika, I hear some girl behind me exclaim, "I just turned 16 today," followed by, "whooooooo, MIKA!!!!!"

Clearly not in the right demographic for this show I proceed to the stage where I seem to be the only one, outside of my friends, downing pints of beer.

Then things start to resemble a TGIFridays birthday party, complete with clowns, balloons, and face paintings.

At least the show rocked, and Mika proved to be just as amazing live as he sounds on the CD, which by the way just came out finally here in the states on Tuesday.

Thanks to YouTube, you can experience the weirdest part of the show. Make that ANY show I've ever seen.