perfectly strange...

I just got back from the premiere for the new Bruce Willis/Halle Berry film Perfect Stranger and you know what?! Not one mention of Cousin Larry and Balki.

Even stranger than perfect, was the non-sequitur array of guests, which included Pat Sajak, Julia Styles, James Lipton, Fred Schneider, and Tim Robbins.

Favorite moments of the evening:

• Ann tells a lobby loitering Pat Sajak to get back in the theatre because "a lot of people put hard work into this film."

• I literary bump into Bruce Willis and go blank on my carefully planed ice-breaker that we both lived on 49th street.

• Ann recalls very loudly how miscast Julia Styles was in the Omen remake, as I mention she looks like my miscast last girlfriend, all the while Julia is standing about a foot away from us.

• Halle Berry stops traffic she's so damn beautiful in person!

• Ann points out very loudly how bad James Lipton's posture is.

• We both make an entire meal out of baby egg-rolls.

As for the film itself, it's a nice little harmless Hollywood pic that works better than Basic Instinct 2 and won't insult your intelligence too badly if you don't overthink it. Kind of like the baby egg-rolls.