she said "toe-may-toe,"
she now says "toe-mah-toe"

So, I ran into this woman last night who I used to deal with back in my Warner Bros days for trade show logistics.

Now, granted this was 8 years ago and in Las Vegas, not Cannes, but she comes up to me and starts talking in this REALLY fake British accent, and completely throws me for a loop.

Apparently she moved “across the pond” years ago, landing in a nice flat in jolly ol’ London.

So there I stand completely perplexed by the knowledge that I somehow know this person, and yet her voice is completely different.

It was like Madonna when she came out of her “Who’s That Girl” phase and went straight into Eurotrash-posh phase.

I mean, WTF? She’s from Vegas for god’s sake!

Who does she think she is, Kathleen Turner? Tina Turner?

Speak American bitch!