spidey sense...

So it's Spider-Man Week here in the big apple and tonight I got to check out an advance screening to kick it off Spidey style.

The third film's a charm (really charming), and a bit sappy even, but the action sequences kick ass and all $250 Million of the budget shines through. And that's just what they spent on hair gel. Highlights (pun intended) range from Bryce Dallas Howard's Village of the Damned wig to Topher Grace's strange spikes, which are badly in need of some John Frieda Frizz-Free secret weapon.

Speaking of hair, Sam Raimi has brought to the screen a pretty unique commentary on the youth of today by portraying the two sides of Peter Parker.

Due to copyright infringement, let me demonstrate...

Good Peter is portrayed as a squeaky-clean nerd from Queens. He's too busy building his self-confidence through Spidey-duties to even notice MJ's new haircut.

Bad symbiote Peter is basically the EMO version of good Peter. His hair is greasy, his wardrobe's black, and he doesn't mind that the make-up crew has given him a bit of eye-liner.

Personally, I prefer the EMO Spidey, but that's just me.