remote loss of control...

There should be a show on television called MOVIES YOU ALREADY OWN ON DVD because Craig would make it a Nielsen ratings gangbuster.

I had to leave the room last night due to his excitement that HBO was showing all the Star Wars films back to back. When I pointed out that all the Star Wars films in both Special Editions and Original Editions are sitting right next to the television in DVD boxed sets, Craig's answer was "but it's a marathon."

Then this morning I had to convince him not to watch The Fog on SciFi for the thousandth time, since it was also next to the TV in a Deluxe Special Anniversary Before-Carpenter-Sucked Edition.

I did convince him to channel-surf only to be scared out of my mind by the following exclamation as the networks flew by:
"Oh oh, Kathy Griffin!"
"Oh, oh, Murder, She Wrote!"

Now he's back to watching The Fog because "this is the good part."