ze max...

Today I had the great pleasure of attending a live monologue from the one and only Ze Frank at the Promax convention here in New York.

For those of you under a rock, Ze Frank is the internet sensation/lucky bastard who went from cynical designer to overnight culture sensation faster than Perez Hilton can draw naughty parts on Lohan photos.

For those of you not sent to industry conventions like Promax (and we envy you), Promax is this big ego-fest in which "media shapers" (i.e. soulless advertising executives trying to get Middle America to embrace 'Pimp My Ride') get together to pat backs and kiss ass.

Ze Frank is as brilliant in person as on the web, and his "Acceleration Anxiety" presentation was just the wake-up call Promax needed. While other speakers were talking about their 360 degree approach to peer-to-peer networks, Ze Frank simply summed up "Web 2.0" as a "crapacopia" of content.

We were entertained, enlightened, humbled, and humored, but best of all given some great perspective from a guy who more people need to be listening to before launching their interactive text campaign.