bad tattooy...

I'm not really one for tattoos, especially since I had to have Winona Forever removed from my ass with a laser.

For me, it's more of a "to each their own" situation, and the one crazy Jewish law I'll obey.

Plus, every time I see someone with a tattoo, I develop this really amazing Dead Zone ability to see into that person's future and their saggy-assed inked body.

So yesterday, I'm waiting for a friend by the subway and this guy walks by looking all hipster with his kind-of nerdy clothes, messenger bag, and horned-rim glasses. He turns to the left, exposing his full length, multi-colored arm of tattoos. We're talking Rod Steiger/The Illustrated Man type shit.

And I have to admit. It looked good on him, until my future-scan devise kicked in and I saw that saggy arm trying to steer a flying car (yes, they're coming).

That plus the fact that there were two other hipster guys that walked by with the same look before my friend showed up.