you mean, funny ha ha?

Twelve bucks if you know what movie that subject line quote is from.

So Rachel calls me tonight and asks if I find this new Adam Sandler/Kevin James movie offensive in concept. As a gay man, a question like that is fairly rhetorical. I know she's going to blog about the movie, but here's my take on the whole thing.

First of all, the fact that the movie is actually called I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry is, by nature, completely offensive. As if the high concept plot isn't enough, they've come up with a title that should attract anyone immature to laugh at it alone. They may as well call the movie, White Dudes Can't Kiss.

Second of all, the filmmakers have based their bizzaro-world plot around two straight manly firemen who get married in order to get their children the pension plan they lack. Last time I checked, straight couples have plenty up on gay couples in the benifits department, which renders this film Science Fiction to me.

Rachel wonders how a film like this could be made, and really it's very simple. GLADD and The Human Rights Campain (the two most powerful Gay Advocate groups out there) are the most ineffective watchdogs on the planet. Even GLADD's media director Damon Romine claims that the film "stresses the importance of family and treating others with dignity and respect."

Frankly I don't give a shit if the film itself is the most tasteful mainstream exploration of homophobia ever put on film.

The fact is that the print ads and trailers for this movie are more damaging and cringe-worthy than anything I've seen since Eddie Murphy got audiences to do standing ovations to fag jokes in Delirious.

I would, however, pay to see a full-length motion picture based on this classic In Living Color bit...