colour me kubrick...

As y'all know, I am a HUGE fan of all things Kubrick. So much so, that I'm not embarrassed to admit that I just purchased the third version of the DVD box set that Warner Bros. has released in the past seven years.

The first release of the box set had inferior transfers (done off of laserdisc masters that Kubrick never liked) and was released to cash in on the video release of Eyes Wide Shut. The second set remastered the films to Kubrick estate standards and is a definite improvement on the first release, but still wasn't perfect. Now comes this orgasm inducing edition that contains 2 disc deluxe versions of the films in the previous set, but with the exception of Dr. Strangelove,Barry Lyndon nor Lolita?!!!

As miffed as I am that not all of the films are in the set anymore, there's plenty to remasterbate to, including the uncut edition of Eyes Wide Shut and audio commentary tracks missing from every previous release.

More on the new DVD set in the coming days that I have time to watch it.