moms dig enchanted...

As my loyal readers know, there's nothing better than a movie review from my folks.

For those keeping track Patch Adams was so good it deserved BEST PICTURE, Cuba Gooding Jr. was robbed of an Oscar for Radio, and now, according to my dad, I'm Not There is an indulgent, arty piece of crap not worthy of the life of Bob Dylan.

Better off seeing Enchanted, which I'm not even going to attempt to paraphrase my mom's review of.


Todd I saw Enchanted yesterday with the kids and dad. I loved it! Definitely my favorite Disney flick.
It was a real old fashioned and new combo. You have to go see it. You will love the ending!
Dad is the only person I know that can sit through a Disney flick and not smile!! I don't think he wanted to be there!!
Sam fell asleep halfway as it was nap time. Jake liked it.