december sweeps...

My favorite new thing on television this Christmas has replaced It's a Wonderful Life and A Christmas Story, yet it's only 60 seconds long.

Yes, I'm talking about the great Creosote Sweeping Log commercial. Have you seen this thing? I'm completely convinced that if I don't buy a CSL, the backed up Creosote in my chimney will cause a fire that will engulf me in flames and poison the neighbors.

I don't even have a chimney, and I want to buy, like, five of these logs by the time the ad is over.

I'm also convinced that the commercial was directed by Michael Gondry, as it has the authenticity of a mid-80s Chia Pet or Clapper spot. But it turns out that the CSL is from the makers of both of those products, so you can rest assured that your chimney has been expertly cleaned by the good folks who made lazy the new black and cultivates sprouts on porcelain sheep.

CLICK HERE if you wanna see the awesome power of the CSL.