remember the time...

This past week Michael Jackson's Thriller turned Twenty-five years old, which roughly translates into, damn, does that make me feel old!

Twenty-five years have passed since I first heard those wonderful first 3 beats of Wanna Be Starting Something right up to the sexy, sexy soul of Lady in My Life.

It seems like yesterday when I picked up my first copy of the album, which I've probably bought since then at least 4 different times in 3 different formats. How do you describe to today's pre-teens the coolness factor of landing a copy of the album in those first weeks of December 82? Not being able to Limewire the tunes or download from Torrents and run out the door with your iPod?

Talk about the greatest generation. We're the lucky bastards who marveled at the mad artistic skills of Jackson's illustrations in the liner notes. Who secured our parents permission to watch "The Making of Michael Jackson's Thriller Video" in class. Who got into fist fights over who's cooler: Prince or Michael Jackson?

Twenty-five years later Thriller remains one of the smoothest pop albums of all-time. Still played at clubs, bars, radio stations, and pre-teen iPods, it's the holly grail of 80s children of any age.