leave heath alone...

I'm really pissed off by local Channel 2's news team for attempting to break that they had some sort of exclusive "lost tape" interview with Heath Ledger.

They claim Heath was "fidgety" and "uncomfortable" being interviewed in regards to Casanova.

Um, did you see that piece of crap film? I'd be uncomfortable to promote it too.

Then they point out Heath was drinking red wine and it was, get this, 3 in the afternoon! Shocking!

There are people who drink wine in the afternoon, and sometimes even the morning. They're called French. And when it comes to health, they have us beat.

Anyway, this whole Heath shocker is really sad, especially coming off of the Brad Renfro shocker last week. I hope they find closure to the ordeal and some answers and some cautionary good comes out of it. Now back to Channel 2's breaking news that Heath Ledger is still dead.