thank god I'm a country boy...

I just knew it was only a matter of time before one of the trend pubs of New York found out about my favorite little secret indulgence from back home - CABELA'S.

That's right, New York Magazine has sighted Cabelas as being "worth renting a car and driving to its Connecticut location" for.

Of course, their take on the place is more about the incredible bargains you'll find on hipster essentials like antler chandeliers and fur-lined hunting caps. And I quote:

"As we were drifting toward checkout, I saw the day’s best find: a chandelier made from six fake antlers, $349.99. Jason Miller’s Superordinate Antler chandelier, made with white ceramic antlers, sells at the Future Perfect in Williamsburg for $1,550."

Seriously, read the article and get back to me when you feel the irony grab you by the throat and gut you like a fish.