top ten presidents...

Today I am president in charge of doing nothing on President's Day, but I did have time to come up with my list of best presidents of all time ever...

10) President Tuxedo
I wouldn't rent from anyone else.

9) President James Marshall
Harrison Ford in 08. Get off of my plane!

8) President Gregory D. Miller
Executive Vice President, National Dairy Council.
Sometime's I pretend to be him.

7) President Lincoln
The original log cabin Republican.

6) President JFK
Back and to the right.

5) President Clinton
A cigar by any other name,,,

4) President Taft
The official White House description calls him an "effective administrator, but poor politician." As opposed to our current president who is just an ineffective administrator but good politician?

3) President Cy Sperling
Not only the President, but also a client.

2) President
My favorite Wyclef Jean song.

1) President Pam DelaBar
President of the Cat Fanciers' Association
Just look how easily she puts this cat into heat.