faster than a speeding geek...

Day one of the 2008 New York Comic Con, and all's well. I have never seen this many geeks in one place since opening night of Phantom Menace at the Zeigfeld. It's all pretty fantastic.

I'm psyched about the level of animated program promotion going on, and the highlight tonight was seeing legendary filmmaker Ralph Bakshi in person tell the audience what a moronic decision it was for Paramount to cast Kim Basinger in Cool World. It was a true geek-out insight, and pretty hysterical to hear from the man himself what a disaster his movie turned out to be. As he put it, "at least we got Brad Pitt out of it."

Then the X-Files 2 panel began, and Craig looked like this for the entire hour---->

Imagine his surprise when Chris Carter revealed that the new X-Files movie has Scully killed off in the first 10 minutes?! And you can say you heard it here first on Beware of the Blog. Damn skippy.

Tomorrow, more geek-out action, as we attend the anticipated panels "Manga: It's Not Just for Perverts Anymore" and "How to Bring Out Your Inner Aquaman: Coming Out of the Gay Comic Closet."