fat tuesday...

This past week, I've had some eye-opening moments that there may be a little more to love about yours truly...

• My Super stops me in the hallway and proclaims "Todd, you're getting a little chubby, no?" Then makes a puffy face.

• The size 34 shorts I tried on at Old Navy were a little loose on me, but fit well, only to realize they were mismarked size 38.

• Craig's Nintendo Wii Fit calls me overweight, bordering on obese, with a "fit age" five years above my actual age.

• A pigeon wing clips the side of my face in mid-air for the first time in my 13 year New York City residence. I assume it a near miss of the whole bird, but can't help from wondering if my new fat face is to blame.

Given that the temperature in New York has risen to Dante Vacation spot levels, Fat Todd should be available for a limited time only as I sweat my way back to fitness.

In the meantime, please pass the Pringles.