I don't think we've had such a huge summer of sequels, nor superheroes for that matter, since 1989 when the Batman first Batdanced his way into our multiplexes.

That said, check out the new X-Files movie if you're a fan of the show, and if you've never really seen an episode of it, I highly recommend you be sequestered at once to Mamma Mia. The new X-Files is plenty dark, very deep, and surprisingly low-key for a summer movie sequel.

So, naturally, I can't wait for tomorrow's video premiere of the long in the rumored Lost Boys sequel, which really can't be any worse than A&E's The Two Coreys.

Speaking of sequels, anyone catch Anacondas 3 on SCI FI yet? It's amazing. I never thought they would be able to top the first movie's money shot of Jon Voight being regurgitated on to J Lo, but this movie has everything. A motley team of jungle bounty-hunters, an evil corporation messing with snake genes, and then, out of nowhere pops, DAVID FREAKIN HASSELHOFF in a pencil-thin mustache. I bet it's huge in Germany.