why a huge scoop of
Superman Ice Cream
is so much better than
being hit in the face
by a crack head...

Sorry for the lack of posts in the past week, but it's been quite a humdinger since last Monday evening when I was, yes, punched in the face by a crack-head in Hell's Kitchen. More on that another blog entry.

In the course of one week I've had seven stitches, signed a DA deposition, caught a nasty cold, grown a goatee out of a late-50s Beatnik movie, travelled through five states and two countries in a hybrid, celebrated my grandfather's 90th birthday, met my newborn nephew, faced the economic dismay of my hometown, had craniosacral therapy, and of course...

... had a huge scoop of SUPERMAN ice cream, which is apparently indigenous to Upper Midwest states only (explaining Craig's disgust every time I order it here).

Life comes down to the little pleasures.

superman ice cream
how i love your creamy taste
krypton must been cold