because Knowing is half the battle...

I'm usually defending bad movies on, but since I also have a LOVE for bad movies in general, I can't resist urging everyone to see what is easily the best worst movie in years - KNOWING, now in theatres.

Remember how The Happening was an incoherent mess? Now, imagine if it had at least been an entertaining mess.

Well, Knowing is so damn entertaining, you'll either completely overlook how bad it is or you may end up with red slap marks on your face from constant shock over its inept plot.

Undefendable offenses include:

• Alex Proyas' involvement with the project.

• The low-budget feel Summit Entertainment seems to excel at lately.

• Way over-ambitious special effect sequences that probably didn't even seem plausible as storyboards.

• EXTREMELY violent/catastrophic disasters played out on film (Disaster Porn anyone?)

• Reducing actual historical disasters to mythic “significance”

• Simultaneous plot lifting from The Number 13 and Final Destination

• Nicholas Cage's latest awesomely frantic performance dialed in from his home. There’s plenty of screaming, punching and sudden EMPHASIS ON DIALOGUE that only Cage can pull off. He’s become the new Al Pachino. HOOOO AAAHHH.